Famous artists from the UK

Being an urban artist is way more difficult than it seems. Apart from the talent that is crucial, this passion can bring a lot of trouble to young artists. The society seems to still be skeptical and conservative when it comes to this field of art and the jail penalties that the painters might face are very serious, if they get caught of course. However, the risk hasn’t stopped them from doing what they love so today; there are many artists from the UK who’ve become famous outside the country as well.

  • Banksy

There are many categories that we could mention Banksy in, from graffiti artist, political activist, painter and filmmaker, all in one – he has an unique way to get attention by criticizing things from daily life and society that we all get reminded of when someone tells us to and in this case that’s Banksy.

  • Roid

This urban artist created his own unique signature style that makes him recognizable and distinguished from the rest. He brings the creativity to a whole new level with the experimental abstractions and designs in his paintings.


  • Word to Mother

Just like all the urban artists, Word to Mother started his career on the local walls by spraying graffiti and expressing himself. His pieces, just like most of other urban artists’, have a deep meaning and in this case, they portray emotionally hurt people with some dose of hope and humor.

  • Jago

This artist from Bristol is a true expert of urban art and his pieces are different from any other artist we’ve come across. They are mostly colorful spray paintings of chaotic imagination. Vivid colors and abstractions are one way to express the emotions towards violence and some of the most frequent problems today for Mr. Jago. Hip-hop, comics, and B-Boy culture were his former inspirations and today he improved his techniques significantly and turned them into more sophisticated and serious.


  • Carrie Reichardt

The first woman on our list, Carrie is best known for her original ceramics and mosaics. She spent years experimenting and developing herself as an artist and today the technique of layering images with different materials is completely in her domain.

  • Phlegm

Coming from Sheffield, Phlegm is the master of eye-catching monochromatic paintings. Formerly an illustrator with a significant number of fanzines and comic books at the beginning of his career, he started practicing urban art on the walls of abandoned factories and buildings all over the world. Since he didn’t limit himself to stay and gain popularity only in the UK, he is famous worldwide and one of the most skilled urban artists today.

Hugo and Sholto Brown – brothers from London with pure talent without any art education, make this duo of graffiti experts. Their career started with T-shirt prints and expanded on the murals, which they found themselves better at. Their pieces are humorous and witty and subjects are of every kind you could think about. From music to politics, they always have their own way to make a comment.