What are Banksy’s most popular pieces?

At this point, we do not need to present Banksy too much. He is considered the best urban artist by many and a simple overrated graffiti artist for the skeptical individuals, the fact is that he leaves no one indifferent. Whether for that reason, the mystery surrounding his identity or the controversy generated with each of its parts, we can say it is that it is the richest land urban artist. His both, urban works on that we can see on the street and the ones in the gallery are being sold for hundreds of thousands of Euros.

The funny thing is that he enriched with his work (which is normal), it might be worth mentioning that many have used their urban works to raise cash. However, Banksy does not sell his street works, many have died where they were born, others have been sabotaged by other artists (Robbo, Grey Ghost), but others have been removed from their urban environment and sold by obscene amounts of money under the guise of protection and dissemination but with the sole purpose of extract the most money possible.

Banksy is surely going to stay remembered for a long time as a genius of urban art. He has so many pieces all over the world that make people admire his talent.

We decided to point out few of them that are also his best-known works:

  • Dismaland, bemusment park

Dismaland, as the name implies, reminds of Disneyland with the spin-off in a mockery way. This park shows the characters from famous movies portrayed in different situations or completely different image than the original one. It is the art exhibition and true art lovers highly appreciate this project.

  • Sweep it under the carpet

This might be one of the most famous Banky’s pieces hence the pictures of it flew worldwide and can still be seen on many occasions. It represents the problems of the country and society being pushed and covered under the carpet without being discussed or shared with the audience.

  • East London’s warehouse exhibition

Back in 2003, Banksy surprised people of this city with an exhibition in a warehouse. Due explicit insinuations, tagline ‘’every picture tells a lie’’ and harsh critique it represents directed at government and society, it was closed after two days.

  • West Bank wall

He painted a large piece of art on a high wall which represents the border between Palestine and Israel. It is one of his controversial pieces and the painting itself portrays a blue sky and peaceful environment on the other side. It was painted in 2005.

  • Charles Manson as a hitchhiker

Banksy painted Charles Manson with the sign ‘’anywhere’’ on a wall building across McDonald’s in London back in 2005. It stood there for 6 years until getting removed.

  • Naked man

The painting showing a man in formal suit and his wife looking outside their balcony with her (we assume) lover hanging naked under them and hiding from the husband was considered by the council in Bristol city and 97% of the residents responded positively to the question of whether this piece should be kept or not back in 2006.